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Lace Wig Adhesive : Is Glue or Tape Better ?

There have been lots of questions raised by women as to which is the best adhesive to secure lace wigs and we attempt to answer some of the burning questions this issue /concern has raised among women who wear lace wigs.

Some of the Questions that are asked includes:

  • What are tape adhesives?
  • What are glue adhesives?
  • Is there a difference between tape and glue?
  • Which one works best ?
  • What are the advantages of Glue over Tape or Vice Versa?
  • What Skin test should I do to prevent any allergic reaction?
  • Which should I use to protect my edges?


What are Tape Adhesives?  

A Tape Adhesive refers to any one of a variety of combinations of backing materials coated with an adhesive. Different backing materials and adhesives can be used depending on the intended use. The Hair System tape is that being referred to here as it is suitable for use on the skin. It usually come double-sided to allow the securing of the lace wig to your scalp as well as the tape to the lace wig. The tape is the easiest for most people to use to install a wig and leaves little to no mess.

Tapes are available in rolls of different sizes or in pre-cut to match the shape of the attachment area. Tapes are clear and come in several liner colours that indicate the degree of tackiness. The tape is thicker than glue and may create a slight edge.

What is the tape adhesives?

Sometimes the tape can be shiny and visible through the lace. There are no shine tapes and low profile tapes.

Low profile Tapes are designed for sensitive skin. Some tapes are made for lace and thin skin and some tapes are made specifically for thin skin because they are not tacky enough to stick to lace. 

Here are some lace tape types; the first is a Walker Tape for Lace Front Wigs and usually comes in different sizes as shown below. It usually gives a medium hold that could last about 2 weeks while the second picture below is a Ultra Bold Hold Hair System tape which could give a longer lasting hold of up to 4 weeks

Lace Front Glue Vs. Tape | The Battle Between The Two Best Wig Application

Walker TapeWalker Tape

What are Glue Adhesives?

Glue adhesives on the other hand are available in clear and white. Both are designed for weekly- or extended-wear. Glue can be quite messy to work with and usually requires the services of an expert stylist. Glues are available in brush-on, squeeze-on, or dab-on, however, we found the best application method is to use a Popsicle stick which can be purchased in most arts and craft stores. An example picture of a lace install with a glue is shown below

What is glue adhesives?

Clear glue is solvent-based, goes on clear and dries clear. They typically give a better hold time than white glues but can be more irritating if you have sensitive skin .

White glue is water-based and goes on white and dries clear. Water-based glues are recommended for clients with sensitive skin but can be used by anyone. If you have an active lifestyle or sweat a lot, the white glue can turn white when you perspire. 

Is there a difference between a Tape and a Glue?

The use of tapes and glue for the installation of lace wigs has become quite popular recently and both give the beautiful look and style desired, very realistic and undetectable, natural look. The tape can also be easily removed with a alcohol based remover, we have found the C-22 solvent walker tape remover to be very effective in removing tapes easily.

The main differences between tape and glue include;

1.Installation time 

One of the benefits of using lace wig tape as against the glue is the quick installation time, the time for installing a tape only takes about 30 mins if you are already used to the process or even less while using a glue cold take much longer especially if you are new to the process 

2.Long Lasting

Longevity is a significant component that needs to be stated, so the absence of it definitely does not help you to wear a wig for a long time. That is why glue is not really recommended as the best lace wig adhesive for long term wear.

The tape can last 6-12 weeks if properly implemented. However cool your style is, the wig glue adhesive does not remain waterproof after three nights. 

3.Damage Reduction 

So many people  worry about hair loss to their own natural hair that could result from constant wearing of wigs and extensions, the best solution to wearing wigs and still protecting your own hair is to apply tape. They are light and therefore do little hair harm, they are also simple to install, so no hair and scalp stress exists. Do make sure not to install directly on your edges, you should only apply the tape to direct scalp not directly on your edges and also use a tape remover as mentioned above to remove once you are ready to uninstall your wig.

Before you use any lace wig glue, you should test a small amount on another area of your skin to see if it will cause any type of reaction. Let it sit for at least an hour. If you have sensitive skin, we don’t recommend you to use glue. 

Which one works Best ? 

After explaining the above topics, some people may ask: Tape VS Glue, which is better? How do I choose the most suitable for me ? What adhesives are best when applying lace front wigs?

Each type has its pros and cons as well as its specific uses. In fact, unlike regular adhesives, adhesives used for lace wigs are contact-style adhesives. These are adhesives that contain ingredients that need to work properly in contact with the human skin.

Both water-based and solvent-based are soluble types of adhesives. The former is less invasive to the skin and produces no allergic reaction. The latter contains compounds more aggressive to the skin but may last longer. 

What are the advantages of Glue over Tape or Vice Versa ? 

The Pros -   Tape

  • Easy installation - The installation time for a tape is faster than a glue. It only takes about 30-60 minutes to install while other lace frontal applications requires a significant amount of time
  • A tape can last for 6-12 weeks if properly applied
  • Less damage - Using the tape adhesive causes less damage to natural hair as they are very light and there is little to no stress created to the hair and scalp if installed correctly
  • Using a tape gives a very natural look compared to a glueless wig wear as it is undetectable and because the tape used to attach to the scalp is very flat which makes it unnoticeable in the eyes of onlookers.


The Pros -   Glue

  • There is an advantage that glue affords, which is "quick maintenance". It is more convenient to re-apply extra glue adhesive when the glue starts wearing out ,while a tape might be more difficult to refresh yourself because it sticks on the head longer and you may have to tale it out completely and re-apply
  • Gluing frontals doesn’t require one to have a thick edges, braids or even any hair at all. Because glue is an adhesive, people use it to attach the lace frontal and achieve a very natural look.
  • Thick hair is not a requirement when applying this lace frontal application, 

The Cons - Tape

  • Time to set - it takes about 24 to 48 hours for tape application to really set properly before engagement in any physical activity or washing of hair
  • Oil -based styling products and shampoos aren’t advisable because they can make the tape on the head slide off. Remember to always stay gentle with tape.
  • Pricing is quite expensive as tape application is not cheap, but the plus side is that it can last very long, as an example, a pack of 40 strips can last for about 1 year for a constant wig wearer, hence it can be considered a good investment.

The Cons - Glue

  • Time consuming - Don’t expect to go out in time for a date if you’re in the process of gluing a lace frontal:) This application requires some layers of adhesive added to make sure the lace stay put. Thus, drying time is added for each layer to become clear and sticky before adding the next layer. Another thing that adds up to the time is the repositioning stage of the frontal.
  • Lastly, after the installation, we still need more time for the glue to settle down and turn clear under our units. That’s why gluing frontals need patience and attention to details to get the perfect look.
  • Problems with sweating and moisturizing. Ladies should consider buying a waterproof lace front if they don’t want their lace to slide during partying.
  • Sweating out is also a concern, especially if you spend lots of money on low quality lace wigs, the constant displacement due to moisture will be very costly, however higher quality wigs even though absorb moisture will still bounce back to shape once washed and conditioned properly. Look out for an upcoming blog post where we take you the right steps for maintaining your lace wigs 
  • Pricing

When it comes to pricing, there is not much of a difference in the price of glues as opposed to tapes, however the cost of maintaining glue is higher due to the frequent touch up application required as one application doesn't last very long

What Skin test should I do to prevent any allergic reaction?

You can do a skin test on your hand to check for any potential reactions that may occur such that any allergic reaction  your skin may have to the lace wig adhesives, especially glue, is prevented.

To do this, apply a small drop of glue on the inner side of the forearm, near the hairline, or even on your neck. Leave it to dry for about half an hour, then remove it.

It might be a sign that you are allergic to it, if within 24 hours the area covered by glue becomes red and itchy. In this case, you should not use glues but instead, try tape adhesives. 

We recommend you ask yourself some questions before starting to look for any wig adhesive, they will help you to determine which product is better for you. 

These questions include: 

Do you have normal, dry, or oily skin?

Do you have sensitive skin?

Do you sweat a lot?

Do you lead an active lifestyle (workout, exercise, swim, etc.)?

What type of hold time would you like to get, i.e. a few days, a few weeks or  over a month?

Which should I use to protect my edges?

If you are entirely keen on protecting your edges, then you may want to try other glue-less or tape-less lace wig install options These doesn't require the use of glue or tape, some of which includes Lace Wig Grip, Silicon transparent non-slip headband etc. These are shown below . Tasty Pink also talks about her experience wearing the standard wig grip in her Youtube video below

Silicon Non-Slip Wig Headband

Lace Wig Grip


Important Tips when you use glue or tape:

Regardless of whether you use tape or glue, always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer before applying. Always wait for the glue to dry or become tacky for about 7-10 minutes before laying the lace down into it. (Wait when attaching thin skin too.) This will prevent the adhesive from seeping into the lace and make clean up much easier.  

Lace wigs have become a popular hairstyling option for many women. So is tape or glue better for applying a lace wig? The answer to that -- the type of lace wig application you use is really a personal preference and really depends on your own preference. Only you can determine the answer to this question as this is really a matter of personal preference as both tend to work really well.


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