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How to Care for your Human Hair Wigs

How to care for your Human Hair Wigs

When it comes to human hair wigs, you want them to look their best. To look their best, you will have to wash and take good care of them just like you would your own hair, but it can be confusing figuring out how best to do this, like how often and what products to use.

To help you with your at-home wig care routine, we’ve outlined some wig care tips to help make sure your wig always looks its finest. From washing your wig at home to drying it styling and storing it, we’ve got you covered.

Lace Wig Types

So let's quickly do a rundown of two popular kinds of human hair wigs. Understanding these different types may help when it comes to your at-home care routine.

·    Lace Front Wigs: These wigs have a sheer lace base hairpiece that looks like your natural scalp, which is sewn into the crown of the wig. The lace is only in the front of the wig, giving the appearance of your natural hairline.

·    360 Lace Wigs:  A 360 lace front wig includes the lace piece all around the outside edges of the wig, rather than only in the front. These wigs are a great option for when you’re looking to style your hair in a high ponytail, which         reveals your scalp around your neckline.

Should I Wash My Wig Before Wearing it?

Our Emerald Hair & Beauty ready-to-wear wigs are pre-washed, however deciding whether to wash your wigs before wearing is really a personal choice. It is important to keep in mind that every time you wash your wig, it shortens its lifespan. With that said, some women feel more comfortable putting on a freshly washed wig. Another option is to give it a quick rinse versus a full shampoo and condition.

How Often Should I Wash My Human Hair Wig?

How often your wig depends on how often you wear them, we recommend once in two weeks with constant wear. If the hair begins to feel sticky or dry, it may be time to give it a wash and condition. 

Curl types are also an important determining factor when washing your wigs, general care for straight wigs will differ from curly wigs, this is because just like black natural curly hair, moisture is really important for curly hair. If you wear straight hair without washing consistently for one month, you may be able to get away with it, but with curly wigs, it's a different story, this is because curly hair especially loves moisture. You will notice that your curly wig can begin to look frizzy and loose its shine versus smooth curls after about a week of constant wear, you want to make sure to bring your curly hair to life with water.

Spraying water and applying a leave-in conditioner on your curly hair once every few days helps to retain its curls and shine. When it comes to washing, ideally you should wash your curly wig at least once every two weeks, How you wash your straight wigs will differ from your curly wigs as curly wigs require a little more care. To learn more about how to care for your curly wigs, read our blog post, 'how to care for your curly wigs' .

The same goes if it begins to lose its curl or volume. Remember, washing your wig will limit its lifespan, so you don’t want to over wash it. If you wear a wig cap underneath and remove your wig before going to bed, you can help reduce the number of times you need to shampoo and condition it.

How to Wash a Human Hair Wig?

Now that you know how often to wash it, it’s time to figure out how to wash a human hair wig. You’ll find that your wig washing ritual can be done in just five easy steps.

Step 1: Pre-wash care

Begin by prepping your wig. You’ll want to use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently comb through any tangles. It’s best to start from the bottom and work your way up toward the roots.

Step 2: Rinse

The next step involves getting your lace wig wet. Place your wig under the faucet and use cool to lukewarm water to fully submerge it. If you have a long-haired wig, place it under a shower faucet to prevent the locks from going down the drain. After rinsing, gently remove the excess water with your hands and get ready to shampoo. Go easy on it—do not twist to wring it out.

Step 3: Shampoo

Place a small amount of shampoo into your hands and stroke the hair from roots to ends, keeping the shampoo away from the scalp of the wig. It’s important not to be heavy-handed when it comes to shampooing—avoid scrubbing or rubbing the hair, as this could damage the strands.

For the best results, use a clarifying shampoo that is specially made for human hair wigs. These shampoos are gentle enough not to damage the hair and they are designed especially for your wig’s needs. Some women prefer to use mild shampoos for colour-treated hair.

To remove the shampoo, run cool water from the base down to the bottom of the hair. Once you’ve gotten rid of the shampoo and the water runs clear, use a towel to gently blot the hair before applying conditioner. The wig can still be damp, but you don’t want it to be sopping wet.

Step 4: Condition

Now you’re ready to condition. Just like the shampoo, you’ll want to use a wig-approved hydrating conditioner. Work a small dab into the wig, starting at the bottom. Gently comb through the strands with your fingers, keeping the conditioner away from the base of the wig. You can let most conditioners set for one to five minutes, but follow the directions on the bottle. Once the time’s up, run cold water from the top of the wig down to the ends of the strands, making sure you get rid of all the conditioner before blotting it dry.

Step 5: Dry

You’ve washed and cleansed your lace wig, so now you just have to wait for it to dry. Use a towel to lightly blot it and then leave it on a wig stand to air dry. Avoid using a blow dryer and brushing the hair until the lace wig is completely dry. Once it’s no longer wet, you can style your wig as you normally would.

How to Prolong Your Lace Wig’s Lifespan


Your hair will look vibrant as ever now that you understand how to wash your wig at home, but there are some other ways to prolong its lifespan.

·       Keep it on a wig stand when you’re not wearing it. This can help maintain its structure and keep it from getting tangled.

·       Avoid hot water, saltwater, and chlorine to prevent any damage to the strands.

·       Be mindful of what tools you use to style your wig. Depending on the style and texture, you may not want to use heated styling tools, such as curling irons or straighteners. When in doubt, go easy on your wig.

The more careful and gentler you are to human hair wigs, the longer it will last.

Now that you know how to care for a human hair wig at home, check out all our wig and hair extensions here at Emerald Hair & Beauty. Whether you’re going for a virgin yaki straight look or a loose wave style, we have different textures to ensure you look and feel your very best.

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